Verified ProKakis members bring your business to the next level by expanding your business faster with lesser dollars spent. ProKakis Network will act as a catalyst to spur your business growth. Connect with us or join in on our various ProKakis Networking events, form business relationships to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for prosperous business ventures.


The global marketplace has becoming independent, thus no company can be an island if they want to compete in the global marketplace, every company have to thinks in term of working with others.


Adapt to the changing global marketplace by forming strategic business alliances and use the resources of other firms. Seeking strategic business alliance is one of the ways of seeking Global Power.


At ProKakis Network, we also provide the opportunities for our ProKakis members to advertise their strategic intent for the RIGHT Strategic Partner and potential business opportunities in a safe environment.


Improve your SEO ranking and your chance of getting the RIGHT Strategic Partners in the most cost-effective way by targeting like-minded users actively looking for your products and services online.


ProKakis™ is a network of verified entrepreneurs in the C-Suite and executives levels who are forming pragmatic solutions focused mainly on challenges they face in their businesses.  Access to closed door event!


Networking events are important for business substantiality and growth. We believe that both offline and online networking are crucial stepping-stones for business professionals, start-ups and companies.


Every ProKakis member can earn points through referral and purchasing through ProKakis marketplace via subscriptions, connections and KYC Due Diligence Reports. Get rewards such as vouchers or gifts during ProKakis exclusive events. You can also upgrade your membership to become a ProKakis Advisor and stand a chance to win more!

Expand into new markets

The simple logic when expanding into a new market is; more markets equals more customers which means more business. Companies need to re-evaluate or design entirely new supply chain needed to distribute their products into new territory. Companies require distributors that serve to move the product from manufacturer to market. 


Some are retail distributors, the kind that sell directly to consumers. It’s a staggering process to undertake, one made far easier when you can instantly evaluate partners in any region on ProKakis.


Rather than spending valuable time and resources on consultants and physical travel, ProKakis gives business development teams the ability to build supply chains from the comfort of their office. Business Opportunities are unlimited when you decide to go global and expand

Expanding Your Business

The ProKakis platform continuously grows its network of verified professional each with their own unique trades in various industries. Each and every one of them is looking to find and be found by potential partners like YOU!


Joining ProKakis is an effective way for business owners to source out new clients to their specific business needs. Explore thousands of Opportunities on ProKakis for your company’s stability and growth. 

Expanding your business is a long and tough route, but it must be done. ProKakis is here for you every step of the way!

Uncover hidden potential through your ProKakis Profile

Your ProKakis profile is your digital showroom and is an essential tool in establishing a digital presence, increase your profile completion score and get a higher SEO ranking.


A good profile should have photos, a link to the corporate website, and thorough information on the business’s goals and financial analysis. A potential partner should be able to know about your business at first glance on your ProKakis profile.


Don’t worry about not making an impression on the first try, you will be able to edit your ProKakis profile anytime you want! The more information a company provides about itself, the more compatible the matches that ProKakis’s AI algorithm will provide you.

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