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Opportunities that presented themselves during COVID-19

The Covid 19 pandemic has introduced chaos to countries over the world. Fear and tension amplifies the virus, isn't just a well-being danger – but also a serious threat to livelihoods, jobs, organizations, and the economy.

Governments have forced extraordinary measures to contain the COVID-19 infection, for example, travel limitations and citywide lockdowns. In spite of the fact that these controls have demonstrated to be essential for certain nations – they have crushed neighborhoods and organizations. A great number of individuals have lost their jobs and more will lose theirs sooner rather than later. shrinking economies will drive nations into a profound recession.

66% of the experts surveyed found out a delayed worldwide recession as the main concern for companies and businesses. Though 50% of the executives recognized liquidations and industry union, the disappointment of ventures to recoup and a disturbance of gracefully chains as their pivotal concerns.

The future in a post-COVID-19 world is brimming with uncertainties. Some predict a calamity, while some accept that things will never go back again. 'A new normal' involving temperature checks and social distancing – may be setting down deep roots until a suitable antibody is found. By the by, media reports have recommended that there is a splendid side to the pandemic. For instance, specialists around the globe have seen a drop in air contaminations because of the numerous infection lockdowns. It was likewise revealed that a few nations are as of now wanting to overhaul their urban communities and that the pandemic might change city arranging everlastingly; making existing and future urban areas more feasible, comprehensive and round.

How Technology rapidly developed

Coronavirus has sped up the process of adoption of a digital culture around the world. As millions are currently telecommuting, purchasing food supplies on the web, and utilizing computerized wallets – it seems like nearly everybody has pivoted their business online.

Samir Saran from the Observer Research Foundation, a free research organization situated in India – expressed in the WEF report that "the most significant basic change will be in the structure and configuration of the connection among technology and society."

It was accounted for that tech goliaths are flourishing in the midst of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Interest for online administrations has taken off. Newcomers, for example, Zoom and Slack – which have helped organizations and representatives work distantly in the midst of infection lockdowns, have become commonly recognized names.

For the first time in 11 years, the FutureChina Global Forum 2020 will be held virtually. The subject for this virtual meeting is "A Resilient Future: Post-Pandemic Transformation and Opportunities in China and ASEAN". The gathering will zero in on the patterns, development openings and exercises drawn from China and Asean, as the districts proceed with their direction of recuperation from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even china has decided to take a shift in their business, going digital in 2020 is crucial for your business to survive.

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