From our experiences starting as a chartered accounting firm, we gain an unparalleled understanding of the regulatory pain points our clients go through in merger & acquisition, onboarding new customers, awarding contracts, and engaging with third-party businesses in unfamiliar territory. Most sellers face difficulties to sell their business for a good price in a reasonable timeframe, especially in the current economic environments.  The majority of frustrations and challenges get in and affect the Cash flow Status of the company.  Risk is high when business lack the expert knowledge in retrospect of financial crimes and money laundering schemes that are prevalent in the global market economy according to a survey conducted in 2018 regarding financial crime with nearly 47% of respondents confirming their organization have been victims of at least one forms of financial crime in the last 12 months.  All their hard work and long-term investment go down the drain. 


Providing an open marketplace with KYC Due Diligence to fight financial crime using AI technology and reliable risk intelligence by turning down opportunities that could expose or implicate your company to excessive risks. By creating an open and conducive marketplace for business-to-business collaboration for a winning strategy for revenue generation and business development. Mitigate potential risks, such as competitive threats, brand damage and unethical business partners through regulatory screening, Due Diligence and KYC compliance.


ProKakis aims to develop a credible solution to fight financial crime and transform the way businesses find and connect through creating Opportunities, Due Diligence & KYC compliance risk management. In the process of development, we’ve created a platform that business can work with each other in a safe environment by using cutting edge AI technology to connect businesses with the right strategic partner that is important for their company grow

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